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Automatic Punching Machine Workflow Oct 21, 2016

Driven by the motor in the automation of machining hole with metal devices. Automatic expanding machine, automatic drilling machines, automatic milling machine.

First, machine

Automatic drilling machines by machining workstations, control computer, rotating electrical machines, vibration motors, machine tools, pneumatic devices, automatically dials, fixture and other components.

Second, workflow

1, according to size, number of holes, hole dimensions, hole location data such as the production of fixture. Automatic turntable clamp and fastened.

2, the control computer equipped with processing data.

3, fixed in the material to be processed automatically on the turntable.

4, start the machine, machines based on computer instruction and processing data at one time drilling, boring, milling holes, holes, blind holes, holes, level hole and other processing procedures.

5, a hole is completed, Automatic rotary table rotation angle according to set procedures, the next hole position at the processing head and start processing. The entire turntable all processing is completed, a process completes. Remove the processed material. Charging again.

6, in the process, encounter, material shortage, the machine will alarm immediately and stop working, waiting to be processed.

7, in the process, when the tool is not sharp, the machine will immediately alert notifying replacement tool.